TOA - Taste of Asia

TOA - Taste of Asia

ToA, Taste of Asia; a modern approach in defining Asian Fusion.

Address: 396 New York Ave, Huntington, NY, 11743

Phone: (631) 673-7377



Since the 1970s, the creation of fusion cuisine has played an essential role in the development of many contemporary restaurants. ToA, Taste of Asia is our modern approach in defining Asian Fusion. Innovating the best cuisines of the Eastern world is our motto and mission. By combining the essence of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese cuisine, we transform ordinary ingredients into unexpected and flavorsome dishes. Our chefs with years of experience are devoted to creating exquisite culinary delights that will certainly wow your palate.

*ToA is a sister restaurant to MoCA, Modern Concept of Culinary Arts.

Categories: Food & Drink

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TOA - Taste of Asia

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